One of the most Innovative IDEA / Business which went offline in 2015

The Minds behind fresh Start ups

Meet the two young Indians Mr. Vivek Mishra & Mr. Sachin Jain the young creator of the Start-up which made space in the hearts of restaurant owners the clients was moving ahead very smooth and was flourishing for very first year ,But what happened suddenly that it needs to be shut the very next year ?

Myaaddaa was becoming one of the prominent name for food lovers in 2014 all over in the region of Mumbai and Thane.

The start-up had a very simple website which provided detailed information about the Food space , Hotels , Restaurants, Pubs, available at their local nearby.

They not only work on providing such information to their clients on web or call, but an additional services which were their prominent business strategy was special days arrangements .These arrangements were meant to people who wish to spend time with their loved ones.  

They had made the ground work so perfect that you name the food type or restaurant type they would give you the deal which you cannot reject.

You must be wondering to know more about the services

  • The Propose day
  • The Wedding Anniversary
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Candle Light Dinner
  • Parents day
  • Picnic day
  • Any day you want to celebrate they make it special and more convenient for them

Neither you need to search for

Mr.Vivek & Mr. Sachin the man behind the prominent startup during 2014

  • Hotels / Private Villas / Restaurants / Pubs / Sea facing Beach space.
  • Travel arrangements.
  • Flower arrangements
  • Cake Arrangements
  • Sweets / Food
  • Etc You name it they make it for the day

They make the arrangement in such a way and so smooth that the client feels like they have been given the Royal Treatment that too on the cost of unexpected lowest budget.

People call it an event but they made the system very simple and comparatively low in budget.

The reason why we have met the minds of because we wanted to know what was the challenges they faced and what was the reason they had to move back and give a pause to the business for such a long time.

India Business Front Team has introduced for of the questions in front of them to understand more about their thoughts, mindset , positivity , Negativity , Plans etc.

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