Epic mistakes in CV / Resume in regards with Data Sharing


Chapter 1 Data Sharing in CV / Resume

Everyone in day today’s life is looking for data which is easily available on internet in the form of CV’s  / Resume / which are attracted by Free Job Portals / Consultancies who has Portal access or has their own portal  etc

Have you ever thought that your entire essential details are available in your CV and the same can be used by marketing or unethical agencies?

What do we mention in CV

Name  / Address / Date of Birth / Martial Status / Contact nos. / Email ID / Family Details

Your strong points / your week points in terms of employment

Your past employer details

Your present employer details

Your hobbies

Your training details

Your achievements and much more

Don’t you think these are very much essential data which you upload on portals which are accessible to anyone who takes the subscription of that portal?

This data can be used by anyone who has the access and utilize it for calling, generating leads, making an imaginary personality by viewing the CV,

In today’s world data means Business and business is Money.

Chapter 2 How data can be misused?

When anyone has your CV data they contact you as a representative of a company or a consultancy firm to speak to you and start offering jobs or share the vacancy details.

Data can be used for below details

  1. Sales call
  2. Frauds
  3. Assuming Passwords by Hackers
  4. Resetting the account information.
  5. Understanding the Background of user and family details
  6. Tracking user
  7. Spam Emails or Fishy Emails
  8. ETC

Will upload few of the details in my next podcast on India Business front which is available on major platforms and below link

Chapter 3 How can we stop this ?

We understand the Importance of uploading the CV ‘s on job portals and considering the same would suggest few points which uploading your CV

1 ) Never use your Full name in the CV instead use short names

2) Use email ID’s which are never used in any bank , Financial Institute, Educational Institute , Important / Essential Places  in your CV .

3) Never discloses Date of Birth in your CV instead use age if required.

4) Never disclose family essential details in any portals

5) Try mentioning Professional elements in your CV such as past employer / Present employer / And your AIM , Goal etc

6) Achievements can be mentioned as these are details which employer is looking for.

7) Avoid using full address in your CV instead use shorter ones and never use PIN code

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