About us

India Business Front Solutions – We beleive “Talk Means Business”

The thought of IBFS is of Mrs. Supriya Vivek .

She believes in appreciating people their thoughts , their minds , their skills , their hardwork, their passion etc

Supriya beleives everythng whch human does is for business .

She has been hearing from man for business you need money , but she believes the only thing which is required for Business is “IDEA“.

I Innovation
D Directive
E Execution
A Achieve

We have build a platform to bring out the unknown and unheard entrepreneurial stories , Thoughts , Gains , Loss , Achiements etc.

We have been looking entrepreneurs in business forums and conferences few of the social platforms .

We give life to the unheard or hidden gem stories through various media platforms which makes eaasier for others to learn.

We will be soon available on various and major Podcast platforms .

We do not take false or unwanted stories ..please excuse !